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Communication Studies

Finding Books

Most students seem to think books are relics from an earlier age.  Use books when you need comprehensive coverage of a topic.  Go to the Finding Books portion of this page for instructions on how to find books.  Remember, you can find books ABOUT debate, like:  Argumentation and Debate:  Critical Thinking for Reasoned Decision-Making, or you can find books about debate TOPICS, like There is Power in a Union:  The Epic Story of Labor in America

Finding Articles

Use scholarly journal articles when you need to find academic expert treatment on a subject.  Use the Finding Articles portion of this page to find coveragge on communication topics.  But in debate you might find that you need an expert from another field, like Political Science, Health Science, Philosophy or Economics.  The list of databases by subjects can help you. 

Quirky Weird Stuff

Sources that might be useful that don't categorize easily.

Exploring Controversies

All of these resources explore the issues that surround controversial topics.  It's like Crossfire without the yelling.  Use them to get an understanding, without the drama, of any issue.  Follow citations to get further information. 

In the News

Use these sources to follow major newspapers (like ones that charge you if you just hit their webpages) on issues that are currently in the news.