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New Religion Books

To find the location and availability of these titles, use the JMU Catalog.


Welcome to the Religion Portal! The resources on this page will help you get started with religion research at JMU. Use the tabs above to find different types of research tools.

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Getting Started

It's often a good idea to begin with broad information on a topic, and move to more narrowly focused books and articles as you develop your topic. 

Reference Universe can help. It locates useful articles in JMU's reference collection, both printed and online, by searching back-of-the-book indexes and article titles in many encyclopedias. It then retrieves the page numbers where there are articles on your topic, or links to pages where articles begin.

Type a word or phrase in the box and click Search.

Enter your search terms:

Next, you may wish to search the JMU Library Catalog or WorldCat to find full-length books, or search the core article database for religion, ATLA Religion Database.

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