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PSYC 213 - Psychological Research Design and Data Analysis: Psychology 213

This guide has resources targeted at students taking PSYC 213

Main Psychology Subject Guide

If you need additional help, please either contact me or visit the larger, main psychology page here.

Related Subject Guides

Many different topics and disciplines overlap with psychology. Use these guides to explore those disciplines:

Welcome to the PSYC 213 Course Guide

At this point in your coursework at JMU, you've likely used JMU's library resources like PsycNET and the JMU Library Catalog to do research and coursework in psychology. This guide will refer back to many of those resources while offering some helpful reminders of how to best utilize them.

All Psychology Resources

I generally recommend starting with the tabs above, however if you'd like to see a complete list of resources and databases, follow the links below:

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Psychology Departments

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