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PSYC 211 - Research Methods

This guide is designed to help PSYC 211 students do their best research in the JMU Libraries

Welcome to the PSYC 211 Course Guide

Research Methods is one of the most important classes you will take in JMU's Psychology program. This class teaches you to read, understand and evaluate published psychology research, to be able to assess the body of psychology research literature on a particular topic through literature review and determine gaps that need to be addressed with further research, and to be able to begin to understand how to create valid, responsible research designs based on your own research questions. This class functions as a springboard for many, many other classes within the psychology major and it is essential to your career in the field.

As indicated by the name of the course, the ability to do research is essential to your success in this class and the resources you access through JMU Libraries are essential to conducting research. However, using JMU Libraries' resources is not always the easiest or most intuitive experience. This guide is designed to help you, the PSYC 211 student, do research that will help you get the most out of your class and use JMU Libraries as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Used Psychology Resources: