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Online Teaching & Learning Guide: Attendance and Participation

Attendance and Participation

How can I facilitate participation when teaching online?

  • Canvas Discussion Boards allow you and your students to have text-based discussion over a period of time and participate at different times. 
  • Record your lectures so that students can view them online. (Note: For recordings and video conferencing involving observing clinical sessions, telemedicine activities, discussing patient information, etc., please refer to subject-specific HIPPA guidelines.)
  • Live (Synchronous) Facilitation with WebEx

How can I monitor participation when teaching online?

You can monitor student participation in a live class session using WebEx (you can see a list of the students attending the session) or the Canvas Discussion Board (you can see the names of students who have contributed to the discussion). If you use Canvas to distribute course material and engage the students in online discussions, uploading assignments, etc., you can monitor their participation with Course Analytics.