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Online Teaching & Learning Guide: Record and Share Lectures Online

Record and Share Lectures Online

Which platform should I use?

TechSmith Relay, Illumira, and WebEx are the platforms that JMU officially supports for recording and sharing lectures online.

JMU Libraries does not provide local support for other technologies, but please feel free to use other video tools and technologies that you are comfortable with.

If you are a JMU faculty member and need hardware for online lecture recording (for instance, a headset with microphone), you can submit an equipment loan request from JMU Libraries. After submitting your request, we will be in touch to set up a time to check out your equipment.

TechSmith Relay

How to use TechSmith Relay

If you have already created class presentations in PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can easily turn them into online lectures using a lecture recording program called TechSmith Relay, provided by JMU Libraries. Using TechSmith Relay, you can narrate existing slides and even add your talking head, if you want. You can even record and share your computer screen for a demonstration, for instance, running a t-test with SPSS. 

Keep your videos short

Before you start to record a lecture that was used for a 55-minute or 75-minute class session, think of how you can break up the content into shorter videos: 

  • Cognitively, video or interactive media can optimally use students' attention for about 10 minutes. The more times a student has to pause and continue or replay a video clip, the less likely she/he will complete the view.
  • Technically, longer video clips take longer to be available for view, especially in low bandwidth areas.
  • Strategically and logistically, the smaller the chunk of information a video clip contains, the easier it will be for you to integrate it into future online presentations or expositions. 

Therefore, please evaluate your lecture presentations and chunk them to meaningful smaller units before you start the recording. 

How to use TechSmith Relay for the first time:

Here is a PDF version of these instructions for you to download, print, or save on your computer for future reference.

Step ONE: Visit and select the option under Support/Help that says "Request illumira and Relay Upload Privileges." You will be prompted to log in with your eID and password.

              JMU Libraries Video Management Services

Step TWO: Sign the checklist of User Contributed Content as below (if this is the first time you have requested illumira and Relay upload privileges)

               Checklist for User Contributed Content

NOTE: This will initiate your request for Creator privileges in TechSmith Relay, which Libraries staff will enable as soon as possible after your initial login at (Fastest service is 8am-4pm, M-F). You will receive an email from “Microsoft PowerApps and Flow” when you have been given Creator privileges.

If this is NOT the first time you are requesting these privileges, you may see a page like the one below, in which case you can simply close the web browser window and go to

            illumira video claim page

Step THREE: Log in to with your JMU e-ID and password and DUO. You will see your profile page like the screenshot below. Download web-based recorder by clicking on the orange-highlighted Launch Capture button for the first time. 

            TechSmith Relay Profile

Step FOUR: Save the Setup.exe file.


Step FIVE: [Browser-dependent] Locate and run the Setup.exe file downloaded in Step FOUR.

Step SIX: Record from by selecting Launch Capture right below the JMU Libraries logo, then you will be prompted to Open TechSmith Relay Recorder.


Step SEVEN: Turn on webcam if you like your headshot presented with the recording, click the Record button and select the region of your recording by adjusting the orange dot-line (this may be the full screen).


Step EIGHT: Open the Powerpoint or Keynote presentation or other files that you will narrate:


Step NINE: Click the big red button to begin recording your video; there will be a 3-count countdown.


Step TEN: If you need to pause (may continue) or stop (finalize) the recording, use the appropriate buttons 


Step ELEVEN: A preview of your video will open; you may watch, Cancel, or Upload to Relay. If editing is needed, that may be accomplished after uploading.

Step TWELVE: Click Continue.

Step THIRTEEN: Edit Title, Description, and Location as applicable.

Step FOURTEEN: Come back to your video after it is finished uploading and processing (longer video = longer time for each of those). At this step you may add captioning with the Accessibility option by Generate Captions and Edit Captions (if you have the script, it’ll be easier here.) (Tutorials are provided here for Generating Captions and Editing Captions.)

Step FIFTEEN: You may embed the recording in Canvas anywhere the Rich Content Editor is available using this guide:

Step SIXTEEN: Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solution ONE - Relay Video to Canvas (Recommended):

Download the video from your Relay library and upload it to Canvas. Then follow How do I upload a video using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

Download Relay video

Alternative Solution Two -


Step SEVENTEEN: Find Share options that you will copy and paste to your class in Canvas.

             Techsmith Relay Recording Share

If you choose to Get a Link, it will be a simple copy and paste to a Canvas page, assignment, or discussion. If you choose to embed the video, adjust the dimension to 800 or 640 of less wide so that student computer or phone can display it easily and copy the code:

            Embed code for Relay recording

Step EIGHTEEN: Log in with DUO and locate a page, assignment, or Discussion, to embed the link or the embedding code in HTML Editor.

            HTML Editor in Canvas

Then review it in the RichText Editor and Save or Save and Publish the Canvas page.


Alternative Solution 3 Relay Video to Canvas:

When you are editing a page, Discussion, or Assignment in Canvas, you will find the Techsmith Relay button in the WYSIWYG menu:

Techsmith Relay menu in Canvas

Locate the Live Capture button, and follow the instructions from Steps FIVE to EIGHT. Your recordings will be saved, as illustrated with the screenshot below. Simply Add Media. Your recorded lecture or video will be visible to students. 

Mobile Option for TechSmith Relay - TechSmith Fuse

Find directions of download and how to use at ONLY difference is that JMU TechSmith Relay account holders will need DUO authentication when sharing Fuse captured images or videos to your Relay Library.

More tutorials are available on the help pages from TechSmith, the home company of Relay. There are also many live training webinars. If you are interested in attending a webinar but the time does not work for you, you may still sign up for them; once each webinar is completed, a link is sent out to a recording of that webinar.

Other options that are not supported at JMU:

LOOM Tutorial (Note: this is being co-edited.)

LOOM and Canvas Video Tutorial: Recording and Embedding Lectures