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KIN 353: Maximizing Sport Performance

Sometimes it can be hard to evaluate a source for credibility and applicability to your needs. There are lots of frameworks out there with questions to ask yourself when reviewing your source to better evaluate it. These are some of our favorites!

The 5 W's

Who wrote this?

What kind of document is this?

When was this document written?

Where does the information come from?

Why was this written?

How was this information gathered and presented?


Framework and questions from Radom, R. (2017, January 04). Evaluating Information Sources Using the 5 Ws. OER Commons. Retrieved from

Evaluating Sources for Credibility


This video from NCSU Libraries is a good starting point to how to evaluate sources you find in your research. Below are some other frameworks that help you think through this process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!