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Step 1: Developing a Research Question

A good research question:
           - is clear                                                      - is specific                                                  - is arguable
          - has 19 words or less                                - addresses a problem                                  - is concise

Example: Does comparison of others on Facebook affect JMU college student's perception of self?

Step 2: Searching for Literature

Use the Library Search on the homepage or a discipline-specific database to find scholarly research. 

Use search terms to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 
For example: High intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) AND injury OR injuries AND older adults

Need some help on how to search for articles? Hover over the Research Process Tutorial Video to find some YouTube videos.

Research Process Video Tutorial


SAGE research methods is a tool that may be useful for your research. It will help you define, plan, and conduct your qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research; analyze your findings and guide you on how to write your results.

Watch the video below the image to learn how to use this resource.

Image result for SAGE research

You can access SAGE by clicking this link:


Matrix Template & Example

A matrix is a useful tool that can help organize all of your research articles into one table for your research papers and assignments.