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GEOL 291: Writing and Communicating in the Geosciences

Making a Private Group for this class

Making a Private Group for this class

In this class, you will make a private group to collaborate and share files with your professor. It will be easiest to use the Zotero website to make sure all of your settings are correct. Here are the steps:

  • Go to, make sure you are logged in using your account, click on Groups, click “Create a New Group,” and select a Private Membership group. Call your group something easy to understand, like your name and the name of your class. Then you can click “Create Group.”
  • The default Library Settings on this private group are what you need. 
  • Once you’ve saved your Library Settings, click on Members Settings, then click “Send More Invitations,” then enter your instructors' email address. You can also use this area to invite your librarian or classmates to your group.
  • The people who you invite to your group will be able to access your files and citations that you save in this group library. If you plan to use an article that comes from Interlibrary Loan or somewhere on the internet that is not linked to JMU access, don’t forget to save the file to your computer, then drag it into Zotero so that your group mates can access it.

Detailed Zotero guide for this class

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