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THEA 211 - Performance Analysis: Costume & Dress


This section represents only a small number of the costume and fashion books in the library. You can find books on costume and fashion (print and eBooks) in the below call number ranges with the browse tool (choose LC Call Number from the pulldown menu):

  • GT 500 - GT 2346 – Fashion; social aspects of clothing
  • PN 2067 - PN 2068 &  PN 2085 - PN 2091 – Costumes for performance, stage design & lighting
  • TT 490 - TT 820 – Dressmaking; tailoring; technical considerations, needlework

Digging Deeper in Library Catalog


Creative Research

Paintings, photographs, and advertisements are rich resources for costume design ideas.  Keyword searching in the JMU Library catalog will return a variety of resources. Browse the titles to determine relevance.  Experiment with keywords such as:


Keyword = Japan pictorial works

Keyword = plantations pictorial works

Keyword = advertising history pictorial works

Keyword = 19th century pictorial works

Digging Deeeper in Databases

Digging Deeper in Websites