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How to Legally & Ethically Use Media

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When creating presentations and posters, you should use images that expressly allow you to reuse the work; typically, these are described as images with a Creative Commons license.  As students, remember to use the Citations button or Check Cite to help you cite the images properly in your work.

Image Resources


As you use images to help display a message or concept in a report or presentations, infographics are stand-alone visual representations of large amounts of data.

To find some, go to

To make your own infographics based on a .CSV file, go to

Use of these can help explain complex systems or decision-making processes in a visual way, such as in the example below about "scientific evidence for dietary supplements."

Health benefits of supplements infographic

and adjust the image to filter supplements based on their relationship with particular conditions, as well as connect to the key studies and evidence found in PubMed or Cochrane used to develop this infographic.