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Mathematics & Statistics

General subject guide for mathematics & statistics students, faculty, and staff at JMU.


The following lists of books are suggested readings from the primary areas of mathematics. The books listed as foundational texts will provide readers new to an area a sense of a subject and its fundamental results. The books listed as deeper reading are for readers who are ready to dig deeper into a topic.

Books by Subject

Foundational Texts

Deeper Reading

Foundational Texts:

Introductory Combinatorics - Brualdi*

Combinatorics and graph theory - Harris

Graphs & digraphs - Chartrand

Graph theory: an introductory course - Bollobás & Lloyd

A First Course in Probability - Ross & Ziegel


Deeper Reading:

Enumerative combinatorics. Volume 1 - Stanley

Graph theory - Tutte

Spectral graph theory - Chung

Random graphs - Bollobás

Handbook of combinatorics - Graham, Grötschel, & Lovász

Probability - Shiryayev

Probability and Measure - Billingsley