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Scholarly Communication: Institutional Repository

A brief guide on what's new in Scholarly Communication.

About Institutional Repositories

What is an institutional repository?

An institutional repository is an online collection of scholarship and administrative materials related to an institution. For example, an institutional repository at a university would contain scholarly output of faculty and students (papers, presentations, data sets, etc.) as well as selected materials produced by the university (publications, audio and video materials, etc.).

Institutional repositories are open access collections of materials, meaning that the materials are freely available to the general public.

What types of materials are found in institutional repositories?

The type of materials found in institutional repositories vary from one institution to another. Some common items found in institutional repositories at colleges and universities include:

  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  • Faculty Publications (subject to publisher agreement)
  • Faculty Presentations
  • Data Sets
  • Faculty Scholarship in Non-Print formats (audio, video, and images)
  • Select Student Journals and Publications
  • Select Student Scholarship
  • Select University Publications

What are the benefits of depositing scholarship into an institutional repository?

There are many benefits to depositing scholarship to an institutional repository - both for the researcher and the institution. These benefits include:

  • Greater visibility of university scholarship through enhanced web discovery
  • Provides a central location to highlight scholarly activities within the university for potential students and faculty
  • Provides a resource to identify collaborators for interdisciplinary research projects
  • Ensure long-term access to scholarship, including persistent URLs

Does JMU have an institutional repository?

JMU Scholarly Commons is at the core of the repository services provided by JMU Libraries. JMU Scholarly Commons is the home of Electronic Theses and Dissertations, Faculty Scholarship, Selected Student Scholarship, Peer-Reviewed Journals, and Conference Proceedings. To learn more about JMU Scholarly Commons, please visit the JMU Scholarly Commons Subject Guide.

Other digital repositories at JMU include:

The Madison Digital Image Database (MDID) is a digital media management system with sophisticated tools for discovering, aggregating, and presenting digital media in a wide variety of learning spaces. Access to MDID collections is restricted to the JMU Community.

Visit to review options for faculty and staff of JMU to store and deliver video and presentations.




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