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NSG 390 & 391 - Chronic Illness: What's Your Purpose?


This page contains links to useful items you may want to include when describing your proposal's purpose.

Reference Resources

Want a short overview of a disease or topic? Use Reference Universe to search our print and electronic encyclopedias.

Reference Universe can help. It locates useful articles in JMU's reference collection,  both printed and online, by searching back-of-the-book indexes and article titles in many encyclopedias. It then retrieves (or links to) the page where the article begins.

Type a word or phrase in the box and click Search.

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Chronic Illness Books

There are several books in our collection that address various aspects of chronic disease and chronic illness.  Search the JMU Libraries Catalog to find more like these examples.

Statistics Sources

To see how many people suffer from medical illnesses, review these statistical sources


Documentaries can also help explore the world of chronic illness.  Search the JMU Libraries Catalog to find more streaming videos and DVDs.