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JMU Scholarly Commons: SelectedWorks for Faculty

A repository service provided by JMU Libraries

Resources for SelectedWorks

What is Selected Works?

SelectedWorks is a tool for individuals to highlight and promote personal scholarly activity by providing access to your scholarly output and social media and mailing list tools to distribute your work. With SelectedWorks, you can maintain your site over time, becoming a permanent page for your work and activities. If you leave JMU you will have the ability to retain full privileges to your SelectedWorks page by becoming an individual subscriber.

What is the difference between SelectedWorks and JMU Scholarly Commons?

SelectedWorks is a personal website for JMU Faculty, facilitating access to the breadth of research and scholarship for that individual. JMU Scholarly Commons represents the scholarly output of James Madison University as a whole. Both provide increased access to faculty scholarship through the major search engines and Google Scholar. 

Contacts for JMU Scholarly Commons

JMU Scholarly Commons Administrator