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JMU Scholarly Commons: Administrator Guides

A repository service provided by JMU Libraries

Accounts and Authentication

A bepress account is needed for administrators, editors, reviewers, and authors who are submitting their own works. In addition, anybody can create a bepress account in order to save searches and use the Follow feature to stay up to date on authors, content, or institutions of interest. Content under access control will also require some users to log in with an account, unless the restriction is only by IP address.

Managing Administrator Permissions

Digital Commons administrators and editors with the “Create Administrators” permission can add other administrators or editors, and tailor their permissions to fit different responsibilities. The ability to manage administrators is available at both the site and publication level. Administrators with this ability can assign any of the permissions that they have themselves. Plus repository administrators may grant additional, publication-level permissions to those working in journals and other publication types.

Managing and Publishing Journals

Journal Video Tutorials

These tutorials cover the most common steps involved in publishing a Digital Commons journal.

Managing and Publishing Journals

Instructions for performing common editorial and publishing tasks in a Digital Commons journal. As workflows differ, not every journal will follow all of the steps included here.

Extra Administrative Guides

Metadata Options

Every submission is enriched by metadata, from a simple article title and abstract, to information such as an identifier, rights statement, or grant number. While the categories may change depending on the collection, each piece is valuable for identifying and managing your institution’s content–and ensuring that visitors are able to retrieve it. Metadata is used not only to describe content and make it more discoverable, but to streamline integration with other services and organizations.

Author Submission Steps

This guide presents the submission process for authors. The author submission form is customizable. Contact for additional information on form changes.

Formatting Text with Basic HTML

You can use HTML tags to format introductory text in Digital Commons communities and publications. You can also use the same tags to format your site’s standard journal pages: About this Journal, Aims & Scope, Editorial Board, and Policies.

Displaying Logos, Images, and Slideshows on Your Site

This guide provides information for how to upload and manage images, logos, and slideshows on site pages.

Updating Site to Show Changes

When you make changes in Digital Commons, you will need to run an update in order to ensure the changes display publicly. An update should be done whenever items are posted to the repository, published records are revised, or changes are made to the text of your repository. If you upload material or make a change to the repository, and you do not see the change on the live site, you may need to run a site update.

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