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The Makery: Workshops

Guide with resources for The Makery in Rose and Carrier Libraries

Weekly Workshops

Wood Carving Mondays

Wood Carving Mondays, 2-3pm @ Carrier

In this workshop you can make holiday gifts and more using the Carvey 3D carving machine. Learn how to setting up an image in Illustrator and create projects using wood and plastic materials.

Textile Tuesdays

Textile Tuesdays, 4-5pm @ Rose

Learn how to make a JMU pillowcase with our newly purchased Bernina sewing machine. This open workshop will be held every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00pm in the Rose Makery

Tinker Thursdays

Tinker Thursdays, 2-3pm @ Rose

Students will get hands on experience learning how to program a micro-computer, the Arduino, to gain a greater understanding of circuitry and how it interacts with code.


MADLabs are free sessions for students to learn skills, for use in the classroom or in personal life. MADLab is an open "un-classroom" -- a space in which JMU students can play while they learn. Check out our offerings and register.

Free courses, all online

Academic Resources