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Using Music to Teach: Facsimiles and Manuscripts

General Resources

"At a glance can be seen the left-handed Beethoven's ink being smeared by his sleeve, the emotions of Puccini as he enlarges or diminishes his script to enliven the visual aspect of changes in dynamics and tempo, the steady hand of a medieval scribe rendering on a four-line staff the collective voice of awed mankind's songs to God, the exquisite finesse of a Renaissance painter decorating the lyrics and tunes of earthly love"--Frank Cooper

Through our collection of facsimile and manuscripts music history is reanimated.

JMU has a number of early music manuscripts--the earliest from about 1400 France.  Additionally, we have numerous excellent facsimiles.  All of these are accessible to you and your students (with various access levels)

To use these, just come by the music library and ask to speak with the Music Librarian