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JUST 324: Capital Punishment: Home

Resources for JUST 324

Welcome to the JMU Libraries research guide for JUST 324. The guide has been put together by Carolyn Schubert and Howard S. Carrier. It serves to connect you to books, periodicals, films and related resources to assist you with your assignments for this class.

As a reminder, Howard S. Carrier keeps office hours in Carrier Library, 1pm - 3pm, every Wednesday afternoon during the fall semester of 2018. Please feel free to drop by his office at that time, if you require more assistance with your research.

Finding post-Furman Death Penalty Cases

The best resource for locating death penalty cases after Furman v. Georgia is the Death Penalty Information Center.

Note: the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. Non-profit organizations, sometimes called non-governmental organizations (NGOs) often exist to promote particular standpoints on an issue. While the primary source data hosted by the DPIC is accurate and comprehensive, it is incumbent on all users of NGO resources to bear in mind that any NGO may be discussing a topic in favor of one political position or outcome over another.