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Music Library Instruction and Workshops

Information Literacy in music research, performing, and education

Introduction to Grove Dictionary

Can your students answer these questions?

  • What key should i sing Casta Diva in?
  • What is the standard tuning for Timpani?
  • What is Tinctoris' Terminorum?
  • Are the instruments "huur" and "birimbao" related?
  • Who is the "musical" Prince of Darkness
  • What opera is the character "Marfa" from
  • What is the Deutsche number of the song "Ich bin vergnugt" by Schubert?
  • What kind of musical instruments might be used by people who speak the Quechua language
  • What exactly is a Breviary?

This hour long workshop will give your students the skills to answer all these questions, and more.  Primarily for first year undergraduates (or those who act like it), this workshop will address searching, article type, article structure, works lists, and bibliographies within the most important reference book in the musician's toolbox.

Additionally, in the course of the workshop, students will learn how to begin research and developing a research topic.

For a more in-depth and longer workshop, see Intro to Music Research

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