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Music Library Instruction and Workshops

Information Literacy in music research, performing, and education

Researching Opera Roles

Mastering the essential roles of the repertory is the goal of each singer, and beginning this process early empowers artists to pursue their professional goals in the field with confidence.  Using all the library resources at our disposal (scores, collected works, reference, books, articles and media), this two-session workshop serves as a model for the in-depth study study of characters from  the standard operatic repertoire.  As in all workshops, faculty collaboration is essential to successful.  Particularly appropriate for undergraduates, but can be deepened for graduate students as well

This is a two session workshop with required research and assignments for each session.  These may include a short paper of a suitable operatic role and a scene analysis of the same opera.   Like all the workshops, collaboration between faculty and librarian is essential to modifying this to fit instructional purposes.

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