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Music Library Instruction and Workshops

Information Literacy in music research, performing, and education

Bias and Perspective in Writing about Music

​Musical Expression is an excellent means to explore dynamics between cultural, social, and political processes.  In this workshop, students learn to navigate through their own and other authors' preconceived notions about a style of music, expand their understanding of relevant source types, discern bias in sources, and establish a more nuanced understanding of "authority."

Typically, students are assigned sources on non-western art music topics (like "hip-hop"or "zydeco"), or general topics (like "music of the great depression" or "Chinese immigration to the United States") to read and analyze for bias using predetermined indicators of word choice, inclusion or omission of facts, author/publication background, and historical context.  Additionally, students apply these same critera to themselves.

As always, collaboration between instructor and librarian will allow development of a workshop that will be focused on the particular class or unit.  This workshop is excellent for any general History, Sociology, or writing class.  Additionally, it would be appropriate for any music history, ethnomusicology, or seminar class.

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