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Passport Event- Calling Bullshit: Global Climate Change Week

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Carolyn Schubert
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Are plastics killing Nemo? Do plastics cause cancer? Join SMAD, JMU Libraries and JMU Civic to learn and practice science information literacy skills focused on evaluating science and information on plastics and their health and environmental impacts.

As part of this workshop, students will develop a better understanding of and practice: 

  • how to find information in library databases
  • search strategies 
  • evaluating information
  • using primary source materials in research
  • methods for determining the political and corporate biases and interests behind sources of information

Facilitators: SMAD Assistant Professor Ryan Alessi, JMU Libraries Assistant Professor and Science and Math Librarian Alyssa Young; JMU Civic Associate Director Dr. Carah Ong Whaley; SCOM Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Debate Dr. Michael Souders; and SCOM Assistant Professor Dr. Kara Dillard.



  1. Browse/ skim the article link assigned to your group
  2. Use this guide to evaluate the resources. Think about those 4 w's.
  3. Answer the following as a group-
    1. Is this bullshit? Why or why not?
    2. Come up with at least three reasons why you came to that conclusion using the evaluation skills you have learned and the rest of the toolkit.
  4. Be prepared to come back to share your three reasons with others.

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Example Article


Global Climate Change Week

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Global Climate Change Week @JMU is October 12-21, 2020. Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook using #JMUClimate Justice and #GCCWeek.

Global Climate Change Week aims to encourage academic communities – including academics, students, and non-academic staff at universities in all disciplines and countries – to engage with each other, their communities, and policy makers on climate change action and solutions.

Check out other events going on this week at JMU!

Join us for the events to learn more about climate change, climate justice and what you can do to create a more just and sustainable world! 

Global Climate Change Week @JMU is organized by Justice Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Case Watkins and students in his Fall 2020 Environmental Justice course.

For more information, email