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Guide to Hybrid & Online Learning at JMU

Canvas Information

The Canvas learning management system is used frequently in online classes. 

The Canvas information on this page includes:

How do I set the correct time zone in Canvas?

If you are not physically located in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone in the U.S., it is important to adjust the time zone in your Canvas settings. For instance, if the due time of an assignment is set for 11:59 pm EST, a student on the U.S. west coast will need to submit the assignment by 8:59 pm PST. If they didn't adjust the local time zone in Canvas, this student might be 3 hours late when submitting their assignment! Follow this brief guide to adjust the time zone in your Canvas settings.

How do I submit an assignment in Canvas?

How do I check my grades in Canvas?

How can I work in groups inside Canvas?

How do I turn on Canvas notifications so I don't miss important messages from my instructors?

Please remember your faculty may be trying to contact you via Canvas. Please turn on your Canvas notifications so you can be in contact with your faculty members. Instructions on how to enable notifications can be found here.

I want to access Canvas on my mobile device. How do I start using the Canvas student mobile app?

On mobile devices, Canvas is designed to be used within Canvas mobile applications. You can accomplish essential Canvas tasks like reading, discussions, assignments, and group work with the Canvas Student App. 

For Android devices:

For iPhones:

What can I do with the Canvas Student App?

  • Read instructions posted by professors 
  • Submit assignments
  • Keep track of course work 
  • Send and receive messages
  • Post to discussions
  • Submit an image or short video assignment or discussion.
  • Review instructions for these tasks 

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