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Guide to Hybrid & Online Learning at JMU

Working in groups in online or hybrid classes

It may take you some time and experimentation to find the best ways to work in groups while taking online classes - and that's okay. You'll figure it out. Don't hesitate to ask your professor or to talk openly with your fellow group members about what the best communication and collaboration strategies and tools might be.

What are some options for hosting group meetings online?

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome browser on your computer (this is the recommended browser to ensure you can access all of the features of Flipgrid). 

If you are using the Canvas mobile app, follow these instructions to use Flipgrid.

Step 2: Log on to Canvas

Step 3: Select your course

Step 4: Find your group page, discussion board, or assignment that your instructor created for your group Flipgrid. 

Step 5: If this is your first time using Flipgrid in Canvas, login to Flipgrid through Microsoft using your full email address and password. Next time you might not need to do this and you will be already logged in.

Step 6: Watch this video on using Flipgrid: Getting Started Students on Vimeo

Step 7: Record your response to an existing topic. You can also respond back and forth with your classmates. This link has tutorials for how to record responses:

More Options:

What are some options for creating group presentations?

Note: This page is being developed based on feedback from JMU students like you. Let us know via Ask the Library if you have other ideas for group work in online learning - thanks!

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