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Guide to Hybrid & Online Learning at JMU

Webex Information

Webex is a web-based video conferencing system that enables audio, video, and text-based communication in an online "meeting room" by connecting computers, tablets, phones, etc.

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About Webex at JMU

Using Webex, your professor can give a presentation online. In some presentations, the professor can share their screen or the application on their computer, or allow a participant to remotely access their computer application (for instance, editing a Word document collaboratively, simultaneously, and remotely).

When using Webex, you will most often join a Webex meeting or a Webex training session initiated by a JMU professor. 

How to join or access a Webex session in Canvas

1. Navigate to your canvas course and select WebEx located in the navigation panel on the left. See screenshot below:









2. Select the Continue button.

3. On the WebEx landing page that opens, select the blue Join button to join the WebEx Session. See screenshot below:

4. This will bring you into the WebEx session. It is normal for your screen to take a few moments to load.  You might see information begin to load in your browser page and quickly disappear a few times before the page fully loads.

5. If this is the first time you attempt to launch a meeting session from Canvas, you may need to add a WebEx extension to your browser. Select Add WebEx to Browser and then follow the instructions on the screen this brings you to. (You should only have to do this once, if you use the same browser for all your WebEx sessions.)

6. Select Call Using Computer to join the session using your computer for audio. Do not use the phone option. See screenshot below:








7. If you’d like to test your audio before joining, select Start Test in the Speaker/Microphone Audio Test pop-up that appears. If don't want to test the audio, select Skip to continue on to your WebEx session.

More info on joining a professor-initiated Webex meeting or training session:

How to make an appointment with an instructor or professor using Webex in Canvas

To make an appointment for virtual office hours using Webex in Canvas, you will follow these steps:

1. Access your course in Canvas.

2. Select Webex.

3. Select the Appointment Booking tab. 

4. Select the Book Appointment With dropdown. See screenshot below:










5. Select the name of your instructor or professor from the dropdown box.

6. Select your preferred available appointment slot.

7. Enter an Appointment Topic and the Purpose of appointment. See 7 on the screenshot below.

8. Click the Reserve Appointment button. See 8 on the screenshot below.








9. You will now see the name of your scheduled appointment in green.

10. When it is time to attend the appointment, you will: go to Canvas, select Webex, select Appointment Booking, click to expand appointment, and click on the blue Join button (see screenshot below). Be sure to set your Canvas time zone! Also, your instructor must host the Webex Meetings session so that you can join. 








How to host a Webex meeting as a student:

Students can host Webex meetings for group work and other virtual meeting needs. You will log in with your eID and password at  In these meetings, you can share files, chat face-to-face using video, and share your screen to display professional virtualized presentations.

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