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Guide to Hybrid & Online Teaching at JMU

HyFlex options

Many faculty are teaching in hybrid or hyflex models. More resources for using the classroom technology are forthcoming. This page provides you with useful information and considerations for teaching in a hyflex model.

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What is "HyFlex"?

  • HyFlex refers to a hybrid model that gives students flexibility as to how they can attend synchronous meetings. This fall, to accommodate physical distancing or student needs, you may split your class, connect your in-person classroom to students online via Webex or Zoom, or use any number of other approaches you deem best suitable to your situation.
  • A hyflex model requires you to manage both the on-campus and remote learners at the same time.

infographic titled Planning for a HyFlex Learning Experience. "Planning for a hyflex classroom means being able to provide an equivalent experience to both on-campus and remote learners while accounting for the need of flexibility within these two unique models of learning. Planning for flexibility means understanding the new contexts of both on campus instruction and remote instruction in addition to becoming familiar with the tools that are available to you in the classroom to provide significant learning experience regardless of student location. The underlying assumption in a hyflex classroom is that technology will be utilized for communication and interaction necessitating new skills for faculty and students.

Questions to ask yourself before teaching in a hyflex mode

Teaching in a hyflex environment requires some specialized skills. Be sure to consult our classroom technology how-to guides or sign up for an online workshop to learn more about hyflex instruction and to learn how to integrate the Hovercam with web conferencing tools. You’ll be prepared to manage the technology required to teach in a hyflex environment when you can answer “yes” to the following questions.

  • Do you feel comfortable turning on the projector, selecting source, adjusting volume, and navigating the computer on the lectern?
  • Have you scheduled and conducted online meetings or classes with Webex or Zoom through Canvas?
  • Have used the document camera on the classroom lecterns (HoverCam Solo 8)?
  • Do you feel comfortable setting up student activities such as assignments, quizzes, and discussions through Canvas or other online means?

Once you can manage the technology, it is important to consider how you will structure and work with your class in the two modalities.

Tips for teaching in a hyflex environment 

  • A short activity is a great way to start class. While students are completing the short activity the instructor can properly set up the online learning environment using classroom technologies and web conferencing tools.
  • Find more tips in the readings we provide below.
  • More soon!

Using classroom technology in hyflex instruction

  • View our how-to guides for Hovercam/Zoom/Webex - choose the one appropriate to your operating system (Apple or PC) and your web conferencing tool (Webex or Zoom)

Further readings on hyflex courses

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