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2020-21 COVID-19 Guide to Hybrid & Online Teaching at JMU

The Institute for Online & Hybrid Learning is a Canvas-based, self-paced faculty learning community hosted by JMU Libraries. Between April 2020 and February 2021, more than 340 JMU instructors have learned and shared course design and development ideas, teaching strategies, and what worked and didn't work during the pandemic. Read this JMU News story about the Institute to learn more.

How do I enroll in the Institute?

Sign up here. We are now accepting new enrollees! Any JMU instructors who want to work on course design/redesign, whether for Summer 2021 or a future term, are invited to participate.

Updates to the Institute for Summer 2021

The Libraries' Online Learning team, including instructional designers, instructional media consultants, and faculty associates, have edited and updated the Institute's Canvas site, incorporating feedback from previous participants, best practices for online teaching, and principles of self-paced adult learning.

Initial edits to the Institute's Canvas site were based on our responses to the following questions:

  • What progress or change in the domain field might inform the module revision?
  • What updates in teaching and learning methodologies might be relevant?
  • What updates in relevant technologies could improve the module/course? (Shalin Hai-Jew, 2010)

We also made the updated version of the Institute more user-friendly and consistent in terms of navigation and content interaction.

The new version is self-paced and invites peer-to-peer discussions and needs-based consultations.

The updated Institute Canvas site, which will retain existing enrolled JMU instructors, opened on April 7, 2021 for new enrolleesSign up now!


If you have questions about the Institute or collaborating with the Libraries' Online Learning team, contact Dr. Juhong Christie Liu, Head of Online Learning at JMU Libraries.​​