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Curated Booklists - Business & Economics

Mental Health Matters / August 2022

The mental health and well-being of university students and staff is a topic of concern for many universities, according to WeForum (Roberts, 2022). For August 2022, here are 12 books from JMU’s print and electronic collections that examine mental health matters at universities.

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Being Well in Academia

Are you studying or working in academia and in need of support? Whether your problems are big or small, this book provides a wealth of practical and workable solutions to help you feel stronger, safer and more connected in what has become an increasingly competitive and stressful environment.

College mindfulness training : Reducing student life stress and improving academic performance

This book carefully combines selected meditation exercises with guidance explaining the background, scientific context, and practical applications of mindfulness practice.

Helping College Students in Distress: A Faculty Guide

This book draws from counseling and higher education professionals' insights to unpack real-life dilemmas of students in distress both inside and outside the classroom, while providing readers with essential tools and recommendations for assisting distressed students.

Mindful Strategies for Helping College Students Manage Stress

This book offers a much-needed introduction to the why, what, and how of supporting college students through mindfulness and stress-releasing strategies. Higher education professionals are in a unique position to support, coach, and teach strategies with students to manage anxiety and emotional distress and improve well-being.

Nature Rx : Improving college-student mental health

Offering alternative ways to deal with the stress that students are under, these programs are redefining how to provide students with the best possible environment in which to be healthy, productive members of the academic community.

It's All Good (Unless It's Not): Mental health tips and self-care strategies for your undergrad years

Going to university or college is supposed to be "the best time of your life" ... but what if it's not? Research reveals that mental health issues are on the rise among undergrads, but many are not accessing help. This book addresses common sources of distress - including academic, social, parental, and financial pressures - and shows you how to meet those challenges and where to turn for extra support.

A Practical Guide to Mental Health and Learning Disorders for Every Educator

Using clear, jargon-free language, this accessible, ready-to-use reference helps all educators--whether in inclusive classrooms, general education settings, or other environments--recognize mental health issues and learning disabilities that are often observed in students Aimed at K-12 teachers but could serve as an introduction to these topics for college instructors, too.

What Young People Want from Mental Health Services

Young people experience one of the highest rates of mental health problems of any group, but make the least use of the support available to them. To reach young people in distress, we need to understand what this digital generation want from mental health professionals and services.

The Biological Basis of Mental Health

This book explores the underlying biology and neuroscience associated with mental health and wellbeing. Covers topics including brain development, neural communication, neurotransmitters and receptors, hormones and behaviour, genetic disorders, pharmacology, substance misuse, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, sleep, etc.

Creating a Place for Self-Care and Wellbeing in Higher Education

The workplace has significant influence over our sense of wellbeing. In this edited collection, the authors navigate how they find meaning in their work in academia by sharing their own approaches to self-care and wellbeing.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing in Higher Education

Good mental health is essential for students to manage the challenges that university life presents. This book offers pragmatic guidance to support academic and student services staff in engaging with this critical issue, both in terms of being proactive within their role to promote a positive approach to wellbeing, and understanding how to care appropriately for students who may not be flourishing in the university environment.

The truth about student success : myths, realities, and 30 practices that are working

Student success is now an institutional priority, but the uncomfortable truth is that helping more students thrive is hard. This Chronicle report lays out three guiding principles to jump-start student-success efforts or take them to the next level, identifying pitfalls along the way.