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Women in the Workplace / March 2022

McKinsey has been studying women in corporate America for the last seven years and sharing the results via its Women in the Workplace report. The most recent report "analyzes the representation of women in corporate America, provides an overview of HR policies and programs, and explores the intersectional experiences of different groups of women at work" (McKinsey & Co., 2021). A 2021 CBS News Documentary, "Women in the Workplace: The Unfinished Fight for Equality" examined similar themes. 

For March 2022, here are 12 books from JMU’s print and electronic collections that also delve into the topic, women in the workplace

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Feminism : a key idea for business and society

In this concise book, feminist thought is made accessible and relevant to both students and management practitioners.





Women Entrepreneurs and Strategic Decision Making in the Global Economy

Women entrepreneurs showcase crucial skills for strategic leadership and strategy that can advance companies, but they face cultural, educational, social, and political barriers that impede their development and participation within the global economy.

The double X economy : the epic potential of empowering women

Scott coined the phrase "Double X Economy" to address the systemic exclusion of women from the world financial order. In this book she argues on the strength of hard data and on-the-ground experience that removing those barriers to women's success is a win for everyone, regardless of gender.

Women's work : how mothers manage flexible working in careers and family life

Drawing on over 100 hours of interview data, this book is the first to go inside women's work and family lives in a year of working flexibly.

Becoming Leaders

Co-published by ASCE Press and the Society of Women Engineers, this book is intended for people interested in the advancement of their own careers or in the development of human resources in their organization.




Invisibility by design : women and labor in Japan's digital economy

Drawing on interviews with young women who strove to sculpt careers in Japan's digital economy, Lukács shows how platform owners tapped unpaid labor to create innovative profit-generating practices without employing workers, thereby rendering women's labor invisible.

Older women who work : resilience, choice, and change

Provides one of the first in-depth examinations of women age 65 and older who have delayed retirement, exploring personal and career identity, social roles, and quality of life concerns.

Female Entrepreneurs

The comparative numbers between male- and female-led start-ups are stark. Ninety-one per cent of venture capital money continues to fund businesses founded solely by men, with only one per cent of venture capital money invested in businesses founded solely by women. The authors reveal the secrets of the success of fifty-two female entrepreneurs.

The culture of women in tech : an unsuitable job for a woman

Based on a series of commentaries from research undertaken by the author about workers located within 'tech cities' in the UK, USA and East Asia regions, the work exposes the serious problem of women's position in the industry. It contributes to recent calls to help find solutions and ways forward.

The superwoman myth : can contemporary women have it all now?

This book discusses the role of contemporary women in today's modern career world and its myriad of challenges, and in turn explores the nuanced role of millennial women and provides insights into how women juggle demands at home and at work; family and career management. Using case studies from interviews with two hundred women, the authors draw on data from women themselves to explore how they navigate their daily lives to achieve work-life balance

Muslim women in the economy : development, faith and globalisation

Sociological developments such as secular education, female-focused policies, national and global commitments to gender equality as well as contemporary technological advances have all served to shift and redefine the domestic and public roles of Muslim women, leading in many places to increases in workplace participation and entrepreneurship.

Making women pay : microfinance in urban India

This book explores India's microfinance industry, which in the past two decades has come to saturate the everyday lives of women in the name of state-led efforts to promote financial inclusion and women's empowerment.