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Portions of this guide have been adapted from Texas Woman's University, with permission.

Support JMU with ORCiD

 By adding “James Madison University” to the Education or Employment section of your ORCiD profile, you are promoting a public association between your name, your scholarship, and your sponsoring institution. JMU standing as a research and teaching institution is enhanced by making this linkage.  Support JMU by creating an ORCiD and keeping it up-to-date!

Help Your JMU Department Help You

Individual JMU departments may elect to use your ORCiD data for tenure decisions, funding statistics and administrative reporting.  For example, Impactstory can generate an altmetric profile for your tenure committee based on your ORCiD data.


James Madison University purple logo

Provost A. Jerry Benson has this to say:

Faculty Colleagues

Our faculty identity, who we are in our profession, is reflected in our accomplishments in teaching, scholarship and service.  The venues for demonstrating and disseminating our scholarship are changing rapidly with new technologies.  Since this identity is so vitally important to us, we not only strive to develop it, but we must also ensure that our bodies of scholarly work are accurately portrayed and protected.  You have the opportunity to accomplish this by working with our colleagues in JMU Libraries and a new online identity management system – ORCiD.  In searching Scopus, I found that there were many “hits” for the variations of my name as listed in my true publications.  Someone seeking me out via the web would have trouble knowing the real me.  With ORCiD you establish a unique identity and profile of all your scholarship.   The European Union last year recommended that all researchers in the EU register for ORCiDs. 

I would strongly encourage you to investigate ORCiD with our JMU Libraries personnel.

A. Jerry Benson

May 1, 2017

Help JMU Libraries Help You

JMU Libraries are adding ORCiD iDs to the Library of Congress authority records it creates for faculty and dissertation-writing graduates.  The leading consumers of library authority records are not libraries but the major search engines, so including your ORCiD in your authority file is another means of aggregating your name, your works and your institution in the public arena.