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PHYS 391/491: Seminar

Evaluating Resources

When evaluating information you find on a website, be sure to think about-

  • Who created the resource? Who is the audience?
  • What type of resource is it? What is it's purpose?
  • When was the resource published or last updated?
  • Where did the information come from?
  • Why was this resource published?
  • How was the information gathered and presented?

These questions can help you determine if the resource is valuable for your research.

Step One: Find Reliable Resources

Find reliable sources on your topic. Sources to use should provide various views about the topic. For this assignment, you can use only peer-reviewed articles, pre-prints, and conference proceedings. 

Step Two: Citations

Cite the sources in AJP Format. The best way to see if your citation look right is by looking at an article using that format. There is one I have provided to you on your Canvas site.

Here s a snippet of a reference list in AJP format.

Here are some other helpful tools to use.

Step Three: Writing an Annotation

You will want to summarize and then evaluate the sources you have found for your annotated bibliography. Your annotations should:

  1. Summarize the central theme and scope of the resource
  2. Evaluate the author
  3. Determine the intended audience
  4. Compare or contrast this work with another one cited (highlight special features that stood out to you)
  5. Explain relevance this resource has to your research