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Community Seed Library

Information about seed saving, gardening, and local resources

Need seeds during the COVID-19 quarantine?

We have developed a Pilot Seed Pickup Service to ensure our community still has access to quality seeds and fresh food during this difficult time! See a general list of available seeds in this form, and if you are in need of seeds please fill it out and we will be in touch to arrange a safe pickup from a location in Harrisonburg:

Click here to request seeds

Haga clic aquí para pedir semillas

Please know that we will do what we can to fulfill your request, but may run into issues of low stock. Thank you for your understanding!

What is the Community Seed Library?

The Community Seed Library is a self-service seed sharing library, provided by JMU Libraries, and available to all. No library card necessary!

We have seeds for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We prioritize heirloom or open-pollinated seeds and plants that are well-suited to growing conditions in the Shenandoah Valley. We also strive to provide culturally relevant seed types, recognizing the diverse populations and gardening knowledge of our neighbors across the Valley and their plant traditions.


The Community Seed Library encourages community empowerment and supports food sovereignty by providing:

  • free access to seeds for all
  • programming to share knowledge and skills related to growing gardens and saving seeds
  • relevant resources and information

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Twitter: JMU Libraries Community Seeds

How it works

More detailed instructions can be found at the Library itself.

Borrowing Seeds

  1. Browse seed collection | Seeds are organized by plant families.
  2. Complete envelopes | Using the Seed Stamp, stamp and fill out a separate envelope for each type of seed you plan to take.
  3. Take what you need | Put seeds in envelopes. Take 2-3 seeds for every plant you intend to grow this season.

Donating and/or Returning Seeds

  1. Plan ahead | Read the Community Seed Library brochure, How to Save Seeds (link), or consult our other resources to the left.
  2. Plant and harvest | Let some plants go to seed. Save seeds for yourself and the Community Seed Library
  3. Complete envelopes | Using the Seed Stamp, stamp and fill out a separate envelope for each type of seed you are returning. Include as much information as possible
    • For large and bulk donations, please contact us at
  4. File | Place seeds in the cabinet alphabetically by family behind the proper divider.