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This guide will help with all Education-related assignments and research.

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For most assignments, I recommend using the tabs above, in order from left to right.

  1. Use Getting Started to find a reference source for an overview of your topic, which will also lead to other sources. 
  2. Use Books and Videos to find more detailed information. (You don't have to read the whole book; simply use the table of contents or index to find the chapter or paragraph about your focused topic.) 
  3. Use Articles to find more research on your topic. 

In the other tabs:

  • UseTeaching Resources to find curriculum materials, such as resources for lesson plans. 
  • Use Websites to find organizations, such as the NCES for statistics and reports.
  • Use Study Guides to find print and online study guides for Praxis, VCLA, and RVE tests.
  • Use Citation Help to find help with citing sources. 

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