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This guide will help with all Education-related assignments and research.

Best Bets

To find articles, use the following databases:
For finding books, use the JMU Library Catalog:

For Current Events check out these newspaper resources:

Use this link for finding free media for creative use.

Recent Scholarship from the College of Education

Journal Articles

Higdon, R. (2021). A collaborative global professional-development exchange to support students from under-represented populationsDKG Bulletin: International Journal for Professional Educators, 85(5), 20-24.

Myers, J.K., Hughes, M. (2021). Opportunities and costs: A self-study of coordinating teacher education programs. Studying Teacher Education.

Lewis, M. A., & Gomez Zisselsberger, M. (2019). Scaffolding and inequitable participation in linguistically diverse book clubs. Reading Research Quarterly, 54(2), 167-186

Webb, A., Higdon, R., & Pyle, E. (2020). Induction into the great unknown: Supporting newly hired science and mathematics teachers during the COVID-19 pandemicVASCD Journal, 17, 77-95.

Book Chapters

Beverly, C. (2021). Other to Other (O2O) Expanding Successful Engagement Outside your Comfort Zone.

Information Age Publishing, Inc. Charlotte, NC. 

Estes, M. D., Beverly, C., Castillo, M. (2020). Designing for Accessibility. In M. J. Bishop, J. Elen, E. Boling, an V. Svihla (Eds.) Handbook of research in educational communications and technology, 5th Edition. New York: Springer.

Shoffner, M., & Webb, A. W., Doubet, K. J., Jaffee, A. T., & Rahman, Z. (2020). Authentic selves in virtual spaces: Reflections on pedagogy during a pandemic. In K. J. Fasching-Varner, S. T. Bickmore, D. G. Hays, P. Schrader, D. L. Carlson & D. Anagnostopoulous (Eds.) The Corona chronicles: On process, leadership, commitment, and hope in uncertain times (pp. 105-111). Diopress.

Shoffner, M. (2020). Uneasy is the teacher educator: Examining taken-for-granted pedagogical expertise. In C. Edge, A. Cameron-Standerford, & B. Bergh (Eds). Textiles and tapestries: Self-Study for envisioning new ways of knowing (pp. 738-746). Herstmonceux, UK: Creative Commons. 

Sogar, C. & Shoffner, M. (2020). Arguing for empathy: Subverting the teaching of argumentation. In J. Dyches, B. Sams, & A.S. Boyd (Eds.), Acts of resistance: Subversive teaching in the English Language Arts classroom (pp. 22-35). Myers Press.


Guest Editors

Editors Mark Lewis and Luke Rodesiler Study and Scrutiny: Research on Young Adult Literature. Vol. 4 No. 2 (2020): Special Issue Sports-Related Young Adult Literature: Society, Culture, And Politics.