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This guide invites suggestions for special issues of the International Journal on Responsibility.

International Journal on Responsibility


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Willing to work on a special issue of IJR?

IJR seeks guest editorial boards for special issues. If you see a topic in the list you would like to craft into a special issue, have another topic in mind, or simply wish to volunteer your services to IJR with a specific research topic in mind, please click this link to communicate this information to the Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editor. We will be in touch very soon, and thank you for your interest!


International Journal on Responsibility

Nov 1, 2020

Dear Editorial Board Colleagues,


Incredibly, over a year has passed since we met for luncheon in Carrier Library to convene the inaugural Editorial Board meeting of the International Journal on Responsibility. We introduced an issue which was under development, and now, we are pleased to say, has come to fruition. Issue 3.2 “Responsibility in Counselor Training and Practice” - - guest edited by Dr. Fred Redekop of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Chad Luke of Tennessee Technological University.


This issue represents a significant milestone for IJR, as it is the first fully peer-reviewed issue to have been commissioned, developed, and published as a special issue, which represents the model that we believe will serve the journal best.

We look forward to future special issues. Drawing on excellent suggestions for topics we received during the inaugural meeting, please look over the list, or suggest a new topic, and contact us ASAP if you might be interested in editing or co-editing a special issue. The IJR staff will work with you.


In short, we wanted to apprise you of this good news regarding IJR and thank you for your ongoing service to the journal. We are also working on various parts of the journal, such as appearance, website design, etc. If you would like to be involved with the operations and logistics of the journal, please feel free to contact us.


We are excited to produce more special issues. You will find the original list of topics below. In addition, we ask that you consider topics that may not be on the list As we continue to move forward, we look forward to hearing from you very soon. As you peruse the list, we ask you to contact us us by email, if you recognize your own idea and wish to pursue it, or if you see a topic that interests you on which you would be keen to collaborate.


Terry Beitzel,

Howard Carrier,

John Fairfield

Current list of suggested topics

Note: for privacy reasons, we did not list the names of the people who suggested topics. Please be assured we have retained this information and, if someone other than the topic's author indicates a wish to work on a topic, we will contact the person who devised the original idea.

Aspects of black females in higher education

Migration w/ a focus on African migration

Political rhetoric as it relates to migration

Any disenfranchised group--women, POC, dis"Ability", LGBTQ*...

Voluntourism and ethical responsibility. (Voluntourism is a growing industry where, typically high-income [people] are traveling to low-income communities in the world, ostensibly as "volunteers" to "help" meet specific need[s].

Disability, Ethics, Social justice, mental health

Universal Design (internet, social media, education, economy, architecture, society, etc.

Social Stigma & Structural bias related to disability

Mental health impairments and disabilities.

Responsibility of academic administration

Nitrogen in an unbalanced world (ask me about it) who, what, when, where, how of environmental responsibility

Disability, access and responsibility (and broader justice; exploring intersections between disability , other forms of marginalization 2) higher education & responsibility--exploitation of labor (adjunct/contingent faculty, housekeeping, facilities maintenance) issues of access for PWDs, first-gen, etc.; the corporatization of campus

Literature and Justice; Literature and Peace

Responsible use of the Bible and other religious texts in the public sphere 2) ethics of studying migration and human suffering in contexts of movement 3) Responsible/Ethical study of religion in the lives of migrants. Very interested in co-editing a special issue on any of the above topics.

Some aspect of media ethics

Civic education, democracy, law and constitutions, history of ethics

Our responsibility to include marginalized people living in poverty, minority status, disability--in full access to education

Big data, biometrics, and the internet of things

Privacy and surveillance

Language of law & issues of access

What is our responsibility to open access and the public domain--our responsibility as academics to create access

Use and access of genetic information

Technology in education/ ethical issues in instruction P-12/ Ethics & decision-making in Education

Ethical reasoning and eight key questions

Privacy and technology--surveillance tech in the guide of "smart" phones and the business models of GOOGLE, AMAZON, etc.; rights of the dead to remain dead, in the advent of "memory bots " and infinite perpetuation through search engine indexing; machine learning/AI & rapacious collection of intellectual and biometric personal data/ I can help with DOAJ indexing/metadata.



Racial Justice Advocacy