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Digital Preservation

A brief guide about digital preservation


Welcome! This guide contains information about digital preservation activities and services at JMU Libraries. Digital preservation is part of the work of the Digital Collections department, which:

  • Provide access to source material and increase the visibility and accessibility of scholarly products created by the JMU community.
  • Manage JMU Scholarly Commons, the university’s institutional repository, and provide consultations to the university community on its use.
  • Offer digital preservation services to support student and faculty scholarship.
  • Provide long-term preservation solutions for vital institutional and cultural heritage materials, and offer consultations on best practices for digital curation.

What is Digital Preservation

Digital preservation encompasses the activities involved in managing the lifecycle of digital materials and stewarding them into the future. This includes preservation strategies such as file migration, normalization, and emulation, as well as preservation metadata creation and disaster planning. JMU Libraries preserves materials according to its Digital Preservation Policy, including materials created through digitization projects and those born digital.