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International Students: Using JMU Libraries

Library Services

Library Vocabulary

Do you know what a call number, a peer reviewed journal, or a secondary source are?  Use the links below to learn more about the common library terms.

How Library Books Are Organized


JMU uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize books.  There are 21 major categories in this system.  The first letter of the call number for a library book indicates the category to which it belongs.

  • A -- General Works
  • B -- Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • C -- Auxiliary Sciences of History (Archaeology, Genealogy, etc.)
  • D – World History
  • E -- History of the Americas
  • F -- History of the Americas
  • G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  • H -- Social Sciences
  • J -- Political Science
  • K -- Law
  • L -- Education
  • M -- Music
  • N -- Fine Arts
  • P -- Language and Literature
  • Q -- Science
  • R -- Medicine
  • S -- Agriculture
  • T -- Technology
  • U -- Military Science
  • V -- Naval Science
  • Z -- Library Science

Category M is located in the Music Library.  Categories G, H, J, K, L, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and Z are located in Rose Library.  All other categories are located in Carrier Library until the end of the spring semester 2023. They will then be moved to storage while Carrier Library is being renovated.

See Library Locations, Call Numbers, and Floor Plans for more information.