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De-Stress for Success: De-Stress for Success

Resources to help you relax and succeed!






Take a deep breath. You've come to the right place.

This page will help you find resources in the library, on campus,
and online 
to help you chill out and be the best you that you can be.

Use the tabs up top to navigate to whatever interests you.

What is De-Stress for Success?


Do your studies stress you out? And do your stress levels affect your study habits? Is it all just one overwhelming circle of stress that you can't escape? Are you silently screaming?

STOP! Let out that sigh you've been holding in. And keep reading.

We know that stress can take a toll on academic performance and overall health. Add in a short time-frame at the end of every semester when all assignments are due and the whole campus feels tense and overwhelmed. Add in a dash of 2020, and we're right there with you. That's why every semester JMU Libraries hosts activities to help students and faculty find release during the stressful final exam season. Activities vary semester to semester, but this year, we're focusing on what you can do from home and inside your own mind.

Join us for virtual meditation sessions from Monday, November 29, through Friday, December 17, with a little help from our friends in JMU Initiative for Contemplative Study and Practices.


Breathing Your Way to a Better Place
Come get some ideas of how to take a truly good breath, slow down your breathing, and calm or energize yourself. Leave more clear headed, ready to face your tasks at hand.

Sign up for December 2, 4-4:30pm


Zen Meditation for Beginners
Learn a bit about Zen and experiment with a few short practices, which are inclusive of people of diverse religions, or no religion.
Sign up for December 9, 3-3:50pm

Guided Meditation
Be guided through a simple meditation session. Offered in partnership with the JMU School of Music.
Sign up for December 10, 4-5pm



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If you would like to see other mindfulness activities at the Libraries or online, please contact to share your ideas!