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Learn about e-books at JMU Libraries!

E-book Quick Tips

  • JMU Libraries has access to over 300,000 e-books.
  • Most JMU e-books can be read by multiple users at the same time.
  • If an e-book can only be used by one person/three people at a time, a restriction note: "Access to this e-book is limited to one user/three users at a time" will be displayed on the book detail page.
  • E-books are not renewed through JMU Libraries Catalog. Downloaded e-books expire after their checkout period - usually 14 days - after which they may be checked out again.
  • You must be authenticated as a JMU user to access JMU Libraries' e-books - see how to connect from off campus.

User Limits

All e-books in subscription packages have unlimited access.
Access levels vary for titles purchased by JMU Libraries.  There are primarily three levels of access:  i) unlimited-user, ii) three-user, and iii) single-user access. If restrictions apply, an "Access restrictions" note can be found on the book detail page in the JMU Libraries Catalog, as shown below:

"Access to this e-book is limited to one user at a time."


"Access to this e-book is limited to three users at a time."

The access limit can also be identified under Availability, found below the book title in "view page" on the ProQuest Ebook Central platform.  Below are some examples: 

  • Single-user access model title "Your institution has access to 1 copy of this book"
  • 3-user access model title "Your institution has access to 3 copies of this book"
  • Unlimited-user access model title "Your institution has unlimited access to this book"