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HIST 150 - McCleary

A research guide for the oral history research assignment.

Evaluating Sources

Background Information

A Companion to 20th-Century America

"An authoritative survey of the most important topics and themes of twentieth-century American history and historiography."

A Companion to Post-1945 America

"Covers society and culture, people and movements, politics and foreign policy."

A Companion to American Cultural History

"Offers a historiographic overview of the scholarship, with special attention to the major studies and debates that have shaped the field, and an assessment of where it is currently headed."

A Companion to American Immigration

"An authoritative collection of original essays by leading scholars on the major topics and themes underlying American immigration history."

A Companion to the American South

"Surveys and evaluates the most important and innovative writing on the entire sweep of the history of the southern United States."

A Companion to American Women's History

"Highlights the most recent important scholarship on the key debates and future directions of this popular and contemporary field."

Secondary Sources


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