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Teaching in Higher Ed / May 2023

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently highlighted, in their Teaching newsletter, two professors tackling the issue of making meaningful connections with students in their high-enrollment courses through a project with data (McMurtrie, 2023). For May 2023, here are 12 books from JMU’s print and electronic collections that discuss teaching in higher education in more detail.

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Confidence in critical thinking : Developing learners in higher education

By harnessing findings from research on design, engagement, goal setting, coaching, performance and the influence of language, this book is a must-read for those wishing to examine the assumption that critical-thinking development happens to all learners to an equal degree as a natural part of the education process.

Convergent teaching : tools to spark deeper learning in college

Makes the case that American higher education must hold fast to its core mission of fostering learning and growth for all people. Convergent teaching, they write, spurs teachers to join students' cognitions with the students' emotions and identities as they learn. Outlines targeted actions that campus administrators, public policy makers, and foundation leaders can take to propel such efforts.

Designing effective feedback processes in higher education : a learning-focused approach

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on student achievement, yet it is difficult to implement productively within the constraints of a mass higher education system. This book places less emphasis on what teachers do in terms of providing commentary, and more emphasis on how students generate, make sense of, and use feedback for ongoing improvement.

Digital experiences of international students : challenging assumptions and rethinking engagement

Using fascinating case studies and current research, this book considers the digital experiences of students as a result of their engagement with international education providers and stakeholders from a transnational and trans-disciplinary perspective.

Doing Research to Improve Teaching and Learning

This book is a step-by-step guide for doing research to inform and improve teaching and learning. With background and instruction about how to engage in these methodologies--including historical analyses, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods--this book discusses a process of working collaboratively and reflectively to improve one's teaching craft.

Handbook of Research on Applying Universal Design for Learning Across Disciplines

Universal design for learning (UDL) has been hailed for over a decade as a revolutionary lens that allows campuses to shift their efforts to create inclusive environments. This book offers practical examples of UDL having successfully been embedded in courses within various disciplines and classroom formats, as well as across the undergraduate and graduate sectors.

Reflective Teaching in Higher Education

Informed by the latest research in this area, the book offers two levels of support: practical guidance for day-to-day teaching, covering key issues such as strategies for improving learning, teaching and assessment, curriculum design, relationships, communication, and inclusion, and evidence-informed 'principle's to aid understanding of how theories can effectively inform teaching practices.

Teaching complex ideas : how to translate your expertise into great instruction

Integrating insights from learning science with practical guidelines and stepwise approaches, this book helps educators masterfully translate their expertise into easy-to-understand, interesting, and memorable instruction. Covering areas such as identifying the critical ideas within a complex topic...

Improving student learning at scale : a how-to guide for higher education

This book is a step-by-step guide for improving student learning in higher education. The book provides practical strategies for learning improvement, enabling faculty to collaborate, and integrating leadership, social dynamics, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and faculty development.

Developing your teaching : towards excellence

Packed with advice, vignettes and case studies, as well as useful tips and checklists for improving teaching, the second edition is the ideal toolkit to support the development of teaching practice.

University teaching in focus : a learning-centred approach

Provides a sharp focus on student learning through the lens of four sections: Focus on subject and curriculum design; Focus on subject teaching and learning; Focus on students; and Focus on your career.

Teaching business, technical and academic writing online and onsite

Using a practitioner focus, this book proffers best practices utilized and validated during the process of successfully instructing students in writing their scientific or technical proposals, professional or business reports, and academic papers or doctoral dissertations at premier American universities.