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Elizabeth Price

Leadership in Startups / November 2022

Startup businesses require different leadership techniques to meet the varied demands of creating a business from the ground up. Saemoon Yoon from the World Economic forum asked 30 entrepreneurs their thoughts on essential leadership qualities for startups (Forbes, 2022).

For November 2022, here are 12 books from JMU’s print and electronic collections that examine leadership in startups.

Find more materials about this topic by searching startups AND leadership in Library Search.

Startup Leadership

Argues that success is far less dependent upon a firm's idea or any grand strategy than it is upon something more personal: leadership. Demonstrates how founders can adopt the leadership skills that are required at each stage of their journey.

Managing Start-Ups for Success

This book identifies the challenges of building a new business venture from an idea to a marketable product. Offers many new and practiced approaches, examples and lessons for innovative thinking and breaking new ground in business.

Startup CEO

The author shares his experience, mistakes, and lessons learned as he guided Return Path from a handful of employees and no revenues to over $100 million in revenues and 500 employees. Provides first-time CEOs with advice, tools, and approaches for the situations that startup CEOs will face.

From Start-Up to Grown-up

The book provides effective and practical ways of maximizing your strengths, defusing your triggers, controlling your self-doubt and building on your motivators. With these self-management tools, you can then turn your attention to managing your team by ensuring the flow of communication and finding the joy of delegation and the soul in meetings.

Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur's Handbook

This primer offers step-by-step guidance through the entrepreneurial process, such as which skills and characteristics make for the best entrepreneurs; how to gauge potential opportunities; and the basics of business models and competitive strategy, etc.

7 Entrepreneurial Leadership Workouts

This book features a series of muscle-developing workouts/exercises for entrepreneurial leaders and their teams wanting to develop fitness, strength, endurance, agility, leanness, flexibility, suppleness, and the ability to cope with adversity and to be resilient.

When Leadership Fails

A curated selection of unique, scholar-practitioner reflections from around the world that highlights both the universal impact of leaders behaving badly and the communal triumph that emerges from deconstructing these experiences in aggregate.

Off-Centered Leadership

Considers an innovative approach to business by exploring what happens when companies stop competing and start collaborating -- both externally in the marketplace and internally in building a culture of communication, trust and alignment. Brimming with lessons on entrepreneurship and culture from the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, this text turns competition on its head by showcasing how competing organizations can work together--and with other local businesses--to reach a common goal.


Reveals how leaders develop and move markets when others say it's impossible by examining what 12 very different, yet highly successful, leaders did to achieve massive global success despite encountering countless setbacks, adversity, and critics during their journeys.

Exploring Leadership

A thoroughly revised and updated version of the bestselling text for undergraduate leadership courses, designed for college students to help them understand that they are capable of being effective leaders and guide them in developing their leadership potential.

Future Forward: Leadership Lessons from Patrick Mcgovern, the Visionary Who Circled the Globe and Built a Technology Media Empire

No matter what industry you work in--whether you're heading up a small startup, expanding a mid-sized company, or running a major global corporation--McGovern's people-first principles, insights, and integrity will help you lead the way.

The Little Black Book of Success

This invaluable "mentor in your pocket" by three dynamic and successful black female executives will help all black women, at any level of their careers, play the power game--and win.