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Curated Booklists - Business & Economics

Video Games / September 2022

According to Forbes, the Covid-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerant on the video game industry (Skwarczek, 2021). For September 2022, here are 12 books from JMU’s print and electronic collections that examine video games. Education Librarian Brian Sullivan helped select the titles for this list. 

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The Essential Guide to the Business and Law of Esports and Professional Video Gaming

This guide explores various legal fields involved with esports, including intellectual property, employment and player unions, business investments and tax "write-offs," immigration and visas, event operation tips, social media and on-stream promotions, and much more.

ESports Is Business

Presents a short history of the industry and an overview of its various stakeholders, this book explores how important governing principles have emerged to culminate in a business model network.

Raising the stakes e-sports and the professionalization of computer gaming

Explores the emerging scene of professional computer gaming and the accompanying efforts to make a sport out of this form of play. The author connects professional computer gaming to broader issues: our notions of play, work, and sport; the nature of spectatorship; the influence of money on sports.

The Publishing Challenge for Independent Video Game Developers

Defines what game publishing means for the indie developer and offers a concise framework to tackle the decision of whether to self-publish or not. Furthermore, the text establishes a catalogue of current known publishers with some salient characteristics and offers a list of useful publishing tools.

The Business of Indie Games

Provides exceptional insight into how the video games industry works. It shares valuable information on how to successfully self-publish and secure publisher support. Whether you're making your first game or tenth, this book is a must read.

Digital Gaming and the Advertising Landscape

The evolution of the game industry and changes in the advertising landscape in recent years have led to a keen interest of marketers in using digital games for advertising purposes. An interdisciplinary approach is used to help explain how persuasive communication works within digital games.

The Economics of Online Gaming

This book is made from the connections that the author saw when he compared his experience inside a video game with what he learned through a formal study of economic theory. Set in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) of Eternal Lands, it follows the true story of Mr. Mind, a gamer who builds a business inside the game world that he calls RICH.

Esports and the Media

This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the question of esports and their role in society. A diverse group of authors tackle the impact of esports and the ways in which it has grown within the entertainment industry around the world.

Data Analytics Applications in Gaming and Entertainment

This book seeks to provide a cross section of current data analytics applications in game production. It is intended as a companion for practitioners, academic researchers, and students seeking knowledge on the latest practices in game data mining.

Understanding Video Games

Takes video game studies into the next decade of the twenty-first century, highlighting changes in the area, including mobile, social, and casual gaming.

Cooperative gaming: Diversity in the games industry and how to cultivate inclusion

The book looks at the different facets of diversity and games, exploring the issues and solutions within game development, studio management, event planning, and more. It provides people with practical advice about being a marginalized person in the games industry and how to be heard, how studios can support inclusive practices, and events can actively become more accessible to a diverse audience.

Game production studies

An international group of established and emerging researchers take a closer look at the everyday realities of video game production, ranging from commercial industries to independent creators and cultural intermediaries.