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Open Access

A brief guide about open access

OA 2021

OA week theme

The 2021 Open Access Week theme for this year’s International Open Access Week, to be held October 25-31, will be “It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity.”

More information on the OA Week website.

On this page, we have listed out Open Access events happening in academic libraries across the country. All events are free, though some do require that you register. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what events are happening around the world!

Open Access 2021 Events

Open and Engaged 2021: Understanding the Impact of Open in the Arts and Humanities Beyond the University

As part of Open Access Week 2021, the British Library is delighted to host its annual Open and Engaged event online on 25 October. Please join us for Open and Engaged 2021: Understanding the Impact of Open in the Arts and Humanities Beyond the University.

What's the point of (radical) open access?

London Open Research Week. 4pm-5pm UK DST.

Samuel A. Moore is a scholarly communication specialist and researcher at Cambridge University Library. With an interest in academic publishing and research assessment, his work sits at the intersections of education, media and information studies. He has a Ph.D in Digital Humanities from King’s College London and over a decade’s experience as a publisher and researcher. He is also one of the organisers of the Radical Open Access Collective.

Preprints and the Evolution of Scholarly Publishing with Dr. Richard Sever

Richard Sever is Assistant Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and Co-Founder of the preprint servers bioRxiv and medRxiv. He also serves as Executive Editor for the Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives and Cold Spring Harbor Protocols journals, and launched the precision medicine journal Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies. 

Our Tools and Our Values

UMass Amherst. Noon ET

The digitization of all aspects of our lives presents an ongoing challenge for values-led organizations like public broadcasters, advocacy organizations and libraries. The software and systems we use to manage our operations often embed values that contradict our stated values as organizations - systems surveil users counter to our values of respecting user privacy, software manipulates user behavior contravening our values of user autonomy and intellectual freedom, for example. We can take a first step towards resolving the conflicts between technology and values in auditing our technological environments and moving towards values aligned alternatives. But a deep shift requires work in creating an alternative technological infrastructure that's driven by public values rather than profits. What would a comprehensive digital public infrastructure look like, and how might it transform the library? How are academic libraries envisioning and engaging to create values-aligned platforms for open scholarly exchange?

Peer Review as Relationship

Indiana University Bloomington. 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET

Three members of the up//root editorial team present their approach to peer review. This is a hybrid event. Please join us online (no registration required)!

This approach to peer review offers our contributors and reviewers agency in the process. We intentionally center the research, meditations and creative works by, for, and of BIPOC, as well as a publishing environment that prioritizes well-being.

Kanye West Explains Scholarly Communication.

London Open Research Week Event. 4pm-5pm, UK DST.

Arthur "AJ" Boston (0000-0001-8590-4663) is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at Murray State University and MSU Office of Research and Creative Activity Coordinator. His writings and presentations incorporate popular culture to make scholarly communication more accessible. Boston is an outgoing Library Publishing Coalition Fellow and incoming SPARC COAPI Steering Committee Member and KYVL Affordable Learning Steering Committee Member. Twitter: @aj_boston

Responsible metrics: developing an equitable policy/The intersections between DORA, open scholarship, and equity

London Open Research Week Event. 4pm-5pm, UK DST.

Stephen Curry is Assistant Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Imperial College London, where he direct the College’s strategy in this important area for staff and students.  
Prof Curry’s research and teaching have long been combined with strong interests the wider role of science in society. He is active in public engagement, having made and presented a number of science videos. He has keen interests in science policy, particularly in R&D funding, in research evaluation (and the use and mis-use of metrics), and in scholarly publication. He is Chair of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).  

Funding OA Book Publishing: New Initiatives at Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT

Adelphi University, 10am Eastern.

Finding sustainable ways to fund open access scholarly book publishing is not easy. Over the last few years, university presses have been experimenting with different business models which would enable them to publish monographs without charging authors thousands of dollars in processing charges. This panel brings together representatives from three well known university presses - Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT - which have each launched such an innovative initiative. While each of the three models has its own unique features, they share the strategy of utilizing library collection budgets to fund OA book publishing. Please join us to learn more about them and the future of openly published scholarly monographs.

Responsibility, Rights, and Repositories: Negotiating for Accessibility of Open Access Content/Towards an accessible and inclusive research support culture

London Open Research Week Event. 4pm-5pm, UK DST.

Josie Caplehorne is currently the Management and Information Systems Manager, with Research and Innovation Services, at the University of Kent. She leads on the provision of high-quality reporting of research and innovation management information and supports research and innovation systems. In her substantive roles with Information Services, as Scholarly Communications Coordinator and Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Representative, Josie is the University Press Open Access journal publishing lead and founder of the Scholarly Communication Conference. 

Liam Green-Hughes is a Library Systems Developer in Information Services at the University of Kent. His role includes providing technical support and development for the university's research and data repositories. A big focus of Liam's work over the last few months has been to improve the experience of assistive technology users with the repositories. This has involved researching best practice by attending conferences and following developments in accessibility online. 

Sadie Roosa is the Collection Strategist for Repository Services at MIT Libraries. Prior to that, she was the Repository and Metadata Systems Manager at WGBH’s Media Library and Archives and the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, and she served on the board of Digital Commonwealth.


FAIR open access as a sustainable alternative to scholarly communication / A closer look at Big deals negotiation

Join the discussion on:

  • The current state and evolution of Diamond Open Access journals
  • How to return control of the publication process to the scholarly community
  • What the Rights retention strategy entails and how libraries can help
  • The position of big deal negotiations towards the transition to Open Access

The webinars will be recorded and posted on the so you can consult them later as well.