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WRTC 103 Library Guide ROUILLON: Keyword Banks

Fall 2019

Here are some search terms that have proven useful in the past

Keywords in the Research Questions

Student involvement College newspapers
Advertisements or advertising Editorials
Cartoons Fashion
Middle class taste Courses or syllabus/syllabi
Student movements Student publications

Keywords About Student Identity

Student life/culture Undergraduate
Freshmen Women or girls or female
Sophomore(s) African American or black
Junior(s) Minorities

Keywords About University Administration

Course catalog Coeducation
Discipline Teacher training or training teachers
In loco parentis Regulations and rules
Honor code Behavior

Keywords About Campus Life

University/ies or college(s) or higher education University/college/campus culture/life
Organizations Greek life or sororities or fraternities
Teams Regulations or rules
Sports or athletics Dating or socialization
Societies or associations or clubs Literary societies or debate societies

Keywords About Political and Cultural Issues

Feminism Student government or student participation in government or SGA
Counterculture Political activity or Protests or Riots or Sit-ins or Marches or Activism or Dissent
Alcohol or Drinking or Alcohol Policy Race or racism or race relations
Discrimination Integration

Keywords for Historical Context

Martin Luther King or MLK World War I or The Great War
Civil Rights movement World War II
Brown vs Board of Education Great Depression
Loving vs Virginia FDR years or fireside chats or New Deal
Vietnam War Kent State
Cold War Farm Security Administration or FSA
Pearl Harbor or "date which will live in infamy" John F Kennedy or JFK or Kennedy years
Korean War Suffragettes or or suffrage or votes for women
United States or USA or America(n) Prohibition
Plessy vs Ferguson Affirmative action