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This guide highlights a variety of print and online resources for research in accounting, auditing, and taxation.

Frequently used resources in accounting

New resources

A Non-Technical Guide to International Accounting

Business has become more international and more complex.Companies in all countries are required to generate financial information, if for no other reason than to settle their tax obligations. If you are interested in the larger companies, such as those listed on a stock exchange, they must make financial information public, and the nature and type of that information is strictly regulated. Companies must comply with accounting standards. Many countries use the International Accounting Standards issued by the IFRS Foundation. This is a not-for-profit international organization that has developed a single set of high-quality global accounting standards. These standards can be complex, but this book explains clearly the main requirements.

Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Technology Use in Accounting

The rapidly evolving nature of emerging technologies, and the transformative and disruptive tendencies offered by these are reshaping professional activities, operations and functions as well as value creation. Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Technology Use in Accounting explores the wide ranging implications of the use of multiple emerging technologies by professional accountants and provides illuminating insights in an exploratory study that reviews emerging technologies within an developing economy. Femi Oladele and Timothy Oyewole present a robust analysis of the literature surrounding established concepts and constructs within Accounting and explore changes for training and the wider framework for all areas of Accounting practice.

Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession

Practical guidance to optimize the benefits of your accounting degree--no matter what stage of your career! Originally conceived and designed to provide helpful advice to college and university accounting majors and early-career professionals, this book evolved into a valuable resource for those groups as well as others who may be further along in their accounting careers. It contains many practical examples and real-life experiences from a long and successful career in the profession that you won't find in any accounting, auditing, or tax textbook. And it is written in a fun and engaging style with a simple goal in mind: to share lessons learned and insights that will help accountants of all ages optimize their career opportunities! 

Annual Accounting and Auditing Workshop

Are your accounting and auditing skills up-to-date and on-par with industry standards? This guide provides updates on the latest standards, including accounting, auditing, compilation, preparation, and review. It covers important industry changes such as revenue recognition, leases, financial instruments, and SASs, and includes practical applications for each, to help you understand and apply the standards to real-life scenarios. Key topics covered include: Accounting, auditing, and attestation standards updates; FASB projects and exposure drafts; Private company financial reporting; Revenue Recognition; Leases; Financial Instruments; Peer Review; Trust Services; Cyber Security; SSAEs Going Concern; Private company financial reporting.

The Routledge Companion to Accounting in Emerging Economies

As researchers reveal the increasing complexities of accounting practices in emerging economies, there is a growing need for an overview of the topic. The Routledge Companion to Accounting in Emerging Economies is a prestige work offering an introduction to current scholarship in the field, with indications of future directions for enhancing the contribution to knowledge. With regional coverage of key emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, the team of contributors analyse issues in accounting in detail, while shedding light on the role of the accounting profession in providing accountability and governance across the developing world.

Redesigning Organizational Sustainability Through Integrated Reporting

This book explores the role of accounting and reporting practices, such as corporate and integrated reports, as organizations attempt to represent sustainability. By relying upon the case of a large international oil and gas company and its recent development of integrated reporting, this book argues that the ambiguity of sustainability as a concept, and the impossibility to fully capture it through accounting and reporting practices, does not mean that any attempt to represent it inevitably leads to distortion or obfuscates 'reality'. The book demonstrates that accounting and reporting practices, such as integrated reporting, are not expected to offer complete representations of organizations' sustainability. 

Annual Update for Accountants and Auditors: 2020

Keep abreast of the fast-paced changes in accounting and auditing with relevant pronouncements, exposure drafts, and other guidance recently issued in the accounting, auditing, compilation, preparation, and review arenas. This book will help accountants and financial managers sort through the most recent accounting and auditing complexities so they can identify and apply recently issued FASB, PCAOB, and AICPA standards and guidance. New topics covered include: Revenue recognition; Leases; Financial instruments; Intangible assets; Consolidation Business combinations; Recently issued SAS No. 134-140; Auditing interpretations; Recently proposed SSAE standards; Overview of SSARS guidance.