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BUS 160 - Business Decision Making in Modern Society

This guide will help students find online secondary research for their course projects.

Using this guide

This guide points out resources from both JMU Libraries and Google that will be useful for completing assignments in BUS 160.

What types of sources should I use?

Articles that appear in periodicals -- such as newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals -- are good resources to use in academic research. You also might use analyst reports or data to investigate business topics. 

Why do I need to use the library to find sources?

JMU Libraries subscribes to databases to provide access to articles. The credible content contained in these databases are typically not freely available through Google. You have to pay to get access to them. But with an article database, JMU Libraries is paying for that access for you.

Not finding what you need?

Getting the data you need from resources can sometimes be tricky. If you aren't finding what you want, send a message or schedule a time to chat with Business Librarian Elizabeth Price

Business news articles

Key business magazines

Search across many news sites

Search these databases for recent news articles from a variety of news sources to use in class or for online discussion boards. 

Scholarly articles on business topics

Questions about connecting from off-campus? Review the off-campus access page.