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Citing Sources: Migrating from RefWorks to Zotero

This guide contains information on how to cite sources in a variety of styles.

Migrating from RefWorks to Zotero

Access and support for RefWorks will end as of October 1, 2020. You will be able to export your RefWorks citations until November 30, 2020. The Libraries recommend and will support the citation manager Zotero as a replacement for RefWorks. 

Follow the steps below for migrating your citations from RefWorks to Zotero.

Exporting from RefWorks

You can export your citations from RefWorks and import them into Zotero. To begin this process, navigate to RefWorks and locate the "Share" link. From there, select the "Export references" options.

Please note, this will just export your citations from RefWorks. If want to export your folder organization you will need to follow these steps within each folder and import them into Zotero individually.

After you select "Export references", select RIS Format under the "Format" option. Then press the "Export" button.

You will download a file named "export.ris". This file will be used to import your citations into Zotero.

Importing to Zotero

If you haven't already done so, visit and download Zotero and its browser extension. After downloading and installing Zotero follow these steps for importing your RefWorks citations.

Open Zotero and select "Import..." under the File menu.

You will be importing a RIS file. Select the file you exported from RefWorks to import into Zotero.

Press "Continue" and your citations will load into Zotero.

Your citations are now in Zotero