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Citing Sources

This guide contains information on how to cite sources in a variety of styles.


Citation tools can be useful for anyone doing research. Citation tools allow you to create bibliographies quickly and automatically format in-text citations with word processing software (Word, Google Docs, Open Office).

For quick citations: 

These tools help generate citations using URLs, DOIs, or your Google Scholar search results. These are good for citing a few items very quickly.

For larger projects:

More in-depth citation tools, sometimes called reference management tools, can also help manage your references for big or long-term research projects by helping you:

  • Collect citations as you research and save them in a personal account
  • Add citations from JMU's Library Catalog and databases without having to cut and paste or retype the information
  • Annotate citations and link them to full-text documents
  • Organize citations into folders
  • Generate bibliographies, reference lists, and have options to manage in-text citations

Zotero is the tool JMU Libraries promotes and supports. Individuals may also opt to adopt another tool. JMU discontinued its subscription for RefWorks in October 2020. We also do not have a subscription for EndNote.

Please look at the following resources to compare options and decide which is best for you: